Topic: Unclean NTFS journal file?

I'm trying to repartition my drive using the gparted that comes with the latest ubuntu live cd (6.10)  and each time i try to repartition my drive only to get "ntfs journal file unclean" message.  After the message, gparted gives me 3 options:

1. run chkdsk /f (done that COUNTLESS times)
2. shutdown windows properly (whats considered "proper"???)
3. run ntfsfix in linux (tried, but it said the drive was locked)

Is there any other way to "clean up" this file? Or am I doing it wrong?


Re: Unclean NTFS journal file?

I dont know which version of GParted Ubuntu uses !
I can't tell you what happens, if you chose somethink different as our livecd. Please go to their forum, and ask them.

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