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Topic: Urgent help needed!

I feel like such an idiot. I'm sure I just screwed up my computer.

I wanted to install Linux (Freespire, with dual booting). I partitioned my hard drive, everything went well., I was able to use both OSes. Then I realized that since my C drive was NTFS I couldn't write files back and forth between Windows (which had come pre-installed with my computer) and Linux. And so I used GParted to reformat it to FAT32 since I thought it would save the data. Yeah, big mistake. Everything was erased.

Luckily, I had saved all my important files on an external hard drive and Linux is working fine. But everything else, including XP, is gone.

Is there any way to recover what was just lost?

This is why you don't give idiots a computer -.-;


Re: Urgent help needed!

Since the file system has been formatted, i dunno if there is any possibility to recover anything. you may try googling "ntfs undelete partition" and see what comes up. Be carefull that undelete often means 'recover folder' but not partition...

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