Topic: Dynamic Disk problems

When I try to resize my partition Gparted tells me it can't resize windows dynamic disks. Windows disk management console can't extend the volume either (because its my boot disk), and you can't convert from a dynamic to a basic disk without removing all the volumes first. Any ideas?


Re: Dynamic Disk problems

hoorah928 wrote:

Any ideas?

Running the livecd smile

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Re: Dynamic Disk problems

I am running the livecd, the problem is that my disks are dynamic. Is there a way to use Gparted with dynamic disks or to switch my disk back to basic?


Re: Dynamic Disk problems

what do you mean with 'dynamic'? are you talking about LVM ?


Re: Dynamic Disk problems

Yeah, its a feature implemented with XP's Logical Disk Management console, and it can't be undone.

http://technet2.microsoft.com/WindowsSe … 61033.mspx

Is there anyway to use Gparted with a disk that's been 'upgraded' from basic to dynamic?
Thanks for your help.