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Topic: Move and delete partitions

Can i move and delete partitions(linux) with Gparted
that are created in Partition Magic 8 or
will Gparted then destroy some "important" data that Magic 8 created and then i can't boot Win XP and  in the end I must format my hard drive and begin installing Win XP Professional again?


Re: Move and delete partitions

yep, gparted can handle partitions of all kinds. Of course you should always have a backup of important data smile


Re: Move and delete partitions

Ok, I want to show you first the partitions that are now on the disk before doing anything, but
how can I mount floppy in Gparted because I want to put the snapshot in there and then open the .jpeg in XP. How else I can get the jpeg to my ntfs (Win XP) drive.

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Re: Move and delete partitions

I got the picture here.

I want to make the ntfs partition the primary partition ?
I don't want to lose my windows XP on ntfs partition and the fat32 (~23 GiB)

What must I do, please explain?


Re: Move and delete partitions

why do you want the make the ntfs partition primary? If the only reason is to boot from it you can also modify the boot.ini file in windows.
LarryT can tell you more about this.

If you still want to do this you have to realize it's going to be difficult. There is no room available to shrink a partition so you need another temporary location to copy the ntfspartition to (e.g. an usb hdd). Then you can shrink th extended partition, move the fat32 a bit up and copy the ntfspartition from it's temporary location to the beginning of the disk.


Re: Move and delete partitions

I must then buy a second hdd.


Re: Move and delete partitions

or borrow one somewhere for an hour....