Topic: Resizing a too small partition

How do I do to resize my ubuntupartition? It is sda8, ext3. It is only 750MB left. In fact I have two swap-partitions. One of them is not active, 1,8GB, and seems to be the "neighbour" of sda8. In front of this swappartition lies a extpart, sda5, non-active, with 487MiB used and 19 GB unused. I don't know what materiel is using this 487 MiB. These partitions mentioned above are "subparts" under sda3 extended totally.  What will happen if I delete this swap 1,8 GB? Is it then possible to get the neighbour bigger?


Re: Resizing a too small partition

please use our last livecd and show us a picture of the current situation. Then tell us your desired situation and we'll try to help smile


Re: Resizing a too small partition

sda1 -fat32 (windows recovery)
sda3 -  extended   34.96 GiB
      sda5 - ext3, 19.53 GiB, used 487.52MiB unused 19.05GB
      sda6 - linux-swap   1,83GiB nothing used
      sda8 - ext3   /,/dev/.static/dev  3.08 GiB used, 767 MiB unused  /I would like to do this partition bigger/
      sda9 - linux swap   203.92 MiN
      sda7 - ext3, unused 3.7 GiB, used 211.22 MiB
      sda10- ext2, unused 5.56 GiB
not allocated  3.23 MiB
sda2 - NFTS XP  used 27.83 GiB, 69.82GiB
not allocated  9.77 GiB

sda8 runs Ubuntu, no other Linux dist


Re: Resizing a too small partition

I'd prefer a graphical overview (aka screenshot smile ) but this will do.
Depending on your needs there are several solutions. I think i would start by shrinking sda5 (ext3) and move sda6 (swap) to the left. Then you can grow sda8 to your liking.

Again, use our latest livecd and make a backup of important data before proceeding!


Re: Resizing a too small partition

As swedish is my mothertongue I have to have more explanations: shrinking sda5 - does it mean, I will make it, sda5, smaller?
move sda6 swap to the left - will that be to delete it?


Re: Resizing a too small partition

shrinking == making smaller
move sda6 to the left just means you move sda6 to the left.... wink