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Topic: [solved] How to install

Downloaded GParted... I now have an .iso file on my desktop. How do I use this program!?

Duh, it won't run on Windows. Any recommendations for a free windows alternative would be appreciated.


Re: [solved] How to install

you have to burn the .iso to cd in order to create a bootable cd. The standalone will only work on linux.

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Re: [solved] How to install

.iso? doesn't this http://sourceforge.net/project/showfile … _id=125754 say bz2 and gz? im trying to partition my harddrive without effecting my already installed XP on drive C. so that i will have 3 partitions: D 4gb (system restore), C 60gb (OS and all programs), and Files 236gb (for all my crap so that when there's a glitch on the OS, il just use system restore and files will already be backed up)

btw i have a 300gb hdd