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I am running Linux Freespire and WinXP on NTFS and ext3 with a small FAT32 in between.

I recently used the GParted live CD to resize and move some of my partitions.  This appeared to have worked, but now I can't use the FAT32 when in Linux.  I can view files in the drive, but not alter them or manipulate that partition in any way (such as adding files to it).  I can do it all when runing WinXP, but not in Linux.  Previously, I could use the FAT32 just as easily on Linux and the original partition was done with Gparted.

I am new to Linux and disk partitioning.  Is this a mounting issue?  Aren't partitions automatically mounted by Gparted?  Something else?  Thanks.

PS.  I used the lastest version of the live CD downloaded from this site.


Re: Unable to use new partition

I guess you change the device number of your fat32 partition !
Imagine your FAT32 partition was hda7 ; and your system automounted /dev/hda7 on /mnt/fat32 (e.g.).
But now it is hda8 (e.g.), so your system still try to mount it but cant do it.
Or maybe you have to give rights to you to access in rw mode ...

I really dont think this comes from GParted. It is a consequence of the move, but not from GParted specialy.

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Re: Unable to use new partition

Thanks Larry.  And I agree, its probably not an issue with GParted.  Thanks for helping anyway.

Yes, I did change the location of the FAT32 partition. 
Infact, when I had problems with it, I deleted it altogether and reformated it, first as an ext3, then as FAT32, but I have always had the same problem with it. 

So should I re-mount it, rename it, or what?

my partitions are organised like this:  NTFS (hda1) - FAT32 (hda3) - EXT3 (hda2)

the file paths reflect this (e.g. /mnt/hda3 is the FAT32 drive).  Are they not ment to be out of order like this?  My ext3 (hda2) still works fine?

I am unable to change owners or permissions for hda3.

What do you think?


Re: Unable to use new partition

Well, i dont think it is my job to give you help about your distro ...
Anyway, you must edit your fstab ( in /etc) and make the changes probably about the /dev/hd??, i guess.

Try to find any help about that on a forum that take care to your distro....

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