Topic: Error message : Frequency out of range


I am using the latest version of Gparted and I wanted to use it to format my hard drive but when it loads up i get a message : Frequency out of range. 

I have had a look at this but i cant make any sense of it.....


Please help


Re: Error message : Frequency out of range

"Frequency out of range" means that your monitor can't synchronize to the graphics card frequency in order to start X.
As I remember from older versions, you could try to press the "Ctrl+Alt+Backspace" key combination. That would stop X and bring you back to the terminal screen. Then, you enter the command
sudo Forcevideo
and you select vesa as graphics mode. This works in almost any case.

*** It is highly recommended to backup any important files before doing resize/move operations. ***


Re: Error message : Frequency out of range

You can also give testing GParted live 0.3.9-9 a try. When it boots, you can choose not to auto-detect the graphical setting, i.e.
When it asks you:
"(0) Continue to start X to use GParted automatically"
"(1) Run 'Forcevideo' to config X manually"
"(2) Enter command line prompt"
Choose "1", then follow it to select the VGA card settings.