Topic: ***help*** Please!!

hi, i have used the gnome partition editor to create two primary partitions on my new 80gb hard drive. i have installed windows xp professional on one partition, and have copied xp media center edition from my old hard drive partition to the new hard drive , which i intend to format to use for storage because it is bigger. the processes completed without error, however i am only able to boot xp professional and not media center.
under computer management>disk management, xp professional is labelled (d:) 36.82gb ntfs, healthy, (boot), and media center is labelled (e:) 37.71gb ntfs, healthy (system). both are labelled basic as type and are primary partitions.

the boot screen appears with both operating systems on, but when i select media center it automatically loads xp professional

i would really appreciate any help on this issue!
thanks in advance


Re: ***help*** Please!!

this is a micro$ problem ..... :-/

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