Topic: Expanding a JBOD confiuration

In order to recover some data from an existing windows system I created a 750GB JBOD formatted ext3 and proceeded to have the win box recover my data and dump it on the JBOD over a network.  The recovery process worked 100%, except insofar as ext3 seems less efficient at storage than NTFS meaning I could not copy all data off the NTFS drives to the ext3 JBOD.  The idea was recover to the JBOD, kill the faulty partitions in the windows system, repartiton and reformat and then move the data back to the win system, following which I intended to create a raid5 array and permanently move the data from the win box to the ext3 formatted raid5 array.  An LTO2 backup of the RAID array was also on the cards.  Sounds simple...however:

As the ext3 JBOD could not hold all the data recovered from the windows system I added an additonal two drives to it.  The original JBOD on a Highpoint the X4 running off a RocketRaid 2322 controller comprised 2 disks partitioned and formatted ext3. I subsequently added 2 additional drives ie now have 4 identical drives installed. disks-admin shows a 745gb partition and 745gb unpartitioned space. gparted (GParted 0.1) on the other hand shows the JBOD as -571397.65MB and shows a partition of 745GB and no unused space. End result - I cannot add additonal partitions or increase the size of the existing partition. Does gparted have a size limitation under 2tb?  Is there another tool I can use to create another partition on the X4 to use the additional 750GB that is now just sitting there?


Re: Expanding a JBOD confiuration

You'd better download and try the last GParted livecd ! Current version is 0.3.1
Since 0.1 many bugs have been fixed.
Nevertheless, GParted doesnt assume RAId, atm.

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