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I have Linux on hda and windowsXP on hdb. They are on two seperate hard drives. At one time I could boot both from the Grub Menu. After repartitioning and retriving unused space I can no longer boot windows without using Super Grub.
The Windows drive is
/dev/hdb1        ntfs       9.53G      4.00 used      Flag is "boot"
/dev/hdb2        ntfs       6.00 M      2.53 used      No Flag
Could the problem be both partitions are marked "ntfs"?
I do not remember how it was before but it worked great.I have tried all the different combinations in the boot menu.It goes to booting windowsXP and stops there.
What is the meaning of the designation "ntfs"?
Thanks for any hael.


Re: Windows Boot Problem

Do you get any error message?


Re: Windows Boot Problem

Hi reb68 !
Could you please post here the output of grub.conf ?
BTW : which  distro do you use ?

To boot of win on second hdd you need to use the map command in grub. It allow you to boot of the second hdd as it was the first smile anyway, post here the output of grub.conf, please smile
(should be somewhere in /boot/grub/  . Or even it could be a menu.lst


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Re: Windows Boot Problem

BTW i can guess you may have to reinstall grub after you boot your linux dstro.
I guess you should run  this
# grub-install --recheck /dev/hda

But first, post here the wanted output, please smile

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