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Topic: Cannot extend Ubuntu partition with GParted

To who it may concern,

I am wondering if someone can give me a hint how to extend my Ubuntu partition.

My laptop comes with Windows 10, and I initially partitioned 100 GiB to install Ubuntu 18. Recently I partitioned another 120 GiB from the Window section, formatted it as ext4, and wanted to merge it with the original Ubuntu section.

I tried to do the resize by GParted, and when I chose Resize/Move option on my Ubuntu section, I do not see the option to drag the bar to include newly partitioned space

See the figure in this link for more details.

I am wondering if someone can shine light on my case.

Thanks a lot~!



Re: Cannot extend Ubuntu partition with GParted

It is only possible to resize and move partitions into empty (unallocated) space.  It is not possible to move the start of a busy partition (lock symbol) while it is in use.

Here is what you have to do:

1. Boot from GParted Live CD/USB or other Live Linux media and run GParted.
2. Delete that new partition, nvme0n1p6, and apply the operation.
   (This will make empty space to move and grow your Ubuntu partition into).
3. Move the start (left) boundary of your Ubuntu partition, nvme0n1p5, to the left as much as possible and apply the operation.


Re: Cannot extend Ubuntu partition with GParted

Some additional info:
The moving/resizing operation in step 3 isn't instant, it takes a while. So, be sure you have the laptop's battery installed and charged. A stopped resizing operation can be harmful for the filesystem integrity.

*** It is highly recommended to backup any important files before doing resize/move operations. ***


Re: Cannot extend Ubuntu partition with GParted

@class413 and @mfleetwo, Thanks for your response.

Before trying out, I have a couple of questions:

1. If I choose the method of using GParted Live CD/USB, will the resizing erase the contents already existing on my Linux section?

2. I actually have a window session, I suppose I can go to Windows (so that the Linux section is no longer busy) to resize the Linux section, am I right?

Thanks again for your input~!



Re: Cannot extend Ubuntu partition with GParted

The above instructions preserve and grow your nvme0n1p5 Ubuntu partition.  They also delete partition nvme0n1p6 which is assumed to contain no data.

GParted is a Linux program so won't run under Windows.  To use the above instructions you have to boot GParted Live CD/USB.


Re: Cannot extend Ubuntu partition with GParted

Thanks again for the quick response and I will try it out~!