Topic: Recover damaged partitions

I am trying to copy the Windows partition from my old hdd to my new ssd with GParted, but it seems that something went wrong (I don't know what), and my partitions (the old as the new) have "inconsistent NTFS", and I don't have access to Windows anymore to run a chkdsk (I copied the EFI system partition on my ssd, did the setup on Windows, and deleted the old one , and I think this is the reason why Windows can't boot anymore)

Is there a way to repair the partitions with GParted?

If not, I envisage resetting my laptop with the recovery partition still present on my hdd.
About this, I already tried to do it, without success so I want to put the restoration partition on an USB key. Do I have to completely delete the main fat32 partition of the key in order to make it bootable to launch a restoration?

Thanks !


Re: Recover damaged partitions

If Windows was not properly shutdown then this will leave the NTFS file system in an inconsistent state.  You might try using the ntfsfix command in GNU/Linux, but the best way to repair the file system is with Windows.

You might also try mounting the file system in GNU/Linux and copying your data to other media before trying to do any repairs.


Re: Recover damaged partitions

There was no need to delete the old drive before setting up the new drive.
Is it win10? if so, I think that the system is "locked" on the computer's motherboard (this is valid for win8 and 8.1 too, no need for new activation). You can copy the SSD content elsewhere, make a new install that will be activated as far as the motherboard remains the same, and then try to check the saved partition under windows. However you 'll need to reinstall the software. This could be a solution, in case the ntfsfix command doesn't fix the problem.

*** It is highly recommended to backup any important files before doing resize/move operations. ***