Topic: Extend Extended Partition Linux /CentOS7

Hi All,

Please view the screenshot at the url below:

https://content.spiceworksstatic.com/se … 220146.gif

This was taken using GParted Live/Boot CD.

Recently, we moved our raid from a 1TB Raid (mirror) to a 4TB Raid (mirror) using Clonezilla. (device to device copy option.)

Our client needed the extra space. I am trying to get one giant partition from the unallocated space or 2 appropriately sized partitions from the unallocated space.

It is my understanding that you can have up to a max of 4 primary partitions and one extended.

Within the extended partition, you can create your logical partitions. This is where I wish to create my partition. In fact, I believe I have no choice in the matter because this Centos 7 environment, at least in this scenario, had already 4 Primary partitions filled, therefore I must create my additional partitions in my extended partition area.

However, I am having difficulty extended my extended partition area to the unallocated space.

When I select  sdc4, I can't extended it or add space to it (the resize/move button is greyed out)
When I select  sdc5 (as a last resort), even though I can select the resize/move option, there is no space to grow it at all. So I am literally stuck!

Can anyone help? Thanks


Re: Extend Extended Partition Linux /CentOS7

MSDOS partition tables (also known as MBR) which have the 4 primary/extended partition limitation you mentioned, only support disk devices up to 2 TB in size.

You will need to use a GUID Partition Table (GPT) in order to be able to access more than 2 TB on a disk device.

See the notes and cautions in the GParted Manual - Creating a new partition table