Topic: how to move a partition

I have read and read, and cannot figure this out.

I had Windows installed, then installed Mint, and let it do all the partitioning.

I then wanted to start all over, and ran Gparted live.  I somehow added a 1Mib partition between the two existing partitions, and I am unable to move it.  What I want to end up with, is one large partition again.  But with that little partition in the way, I cannot make either of the other two larger.  I cannot take a screenshot, as I am unable to access internet running the live DVD.

When I try to create a new 1Mib partition, as I click "add" it will change the 1 to a 0, and then state I cannot add a 0 partition.

Even if I could, I do not understand how to *move* a partition.  I can resize either of the larger partitions, but darned if I can see how to move them, even though the option is to move/resize.

So I have two issues.
1. How to allocate something - anything - to the 1Mib unallocated space.  I guess I could make this portion larger by decreasing the size of the one next to it?

2. How in the heck do I move a partition??  I can resize, but how do I move it?

What I want to end up with is one partition, using the entire drive.

Thanks for any help.


Re: how to move a partition

NM, found a different tool that did what I needed.

Sorry for the bother.


Re: how to move a partition

Actually, it's easy to move a partition with gparted, after clickinh resize/move, click and hold mouse button on the graphic representation of partition , and just drag it.