Topic: Moving partition to sector


I was modifying the partitions on my portable drive with GParted from an Ubuntu 17.10 live USB stick (the installer, not installed to the stick).

I forgot to install exFAT support, so naturally after the operation was successful, I couldn't read any files off of the partition.

How can I move it back to the specific sector where it was originally?  This is in the hopes that everything is intact and is just reading from the wrong location.

I was looking at GParted's source code to see how I could build a version where one would be able to enter the sectors for moving partitions, and saw something about extra blocks around the partition being copied as well to preserve metadata, which I did not understand.

I thought maybe I could edit the partition itself and shift the blocks, since I have the report that states where it copied from and to, but I don't know where to start and, again, there's those extra blocks I don't understand the nature of.

Any help is appreciated!  Thank you in advance.