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My msata ssd is saying operating system not found.

It has been working fine always until I rebooted my machine today.

I even put the msata ssd in a caddy but nothing would appear in my computer  even though the hard drive is picked up in bios
I have booted from gparted live cd

It shows the hard drive there with no partitions and says unallocated. 

Originally the ssd was split up

One main area and one backup area

It has all my work on it and can't seem to figure how to recover it

Please can anyone help and advise what to do so I can recover my data please


Re: Operating system not found -

A first step is to ensure that power and data connectors and cables are in good condition.

In case of any serious hardware problem of the drive (or the controler), I can't suggest anything.
You could use testdisk to try to recover the partition data. Testdisk is included in the GParted Live cd.
Otherwise, you could use the photorec software (free) to try recovery of specific file types. Note that working with photorec isn't easy, because it doen't keep directory structure and file names.

Before such recovery operations, it is safer to make a clone/copy of the drive, using a software like clonezilla or others, so that you can be able to retry recovery in case of non success.

*** It is highly recommended to backup any important files before doing resize/move operations. ***


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see attached image thats what its showing


Re: Operating system not found -

From the image, it seems that there is a hardware problem with the drive. "Health" 0% is rather serious.
I would suggest to check connectors again, and look for info about the Hard Disk Sentinel results. I see that the performance is shown 80%. This means that the drive isn't dead, despite 0% health (I don't know what exactly the health % means for this software).

*** It is highly recommended to backup any important files before doing resize/move operations. ***