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Topic: [SOLVED] Calculator?

I just tried the newest  gparted-live-0.13.1-2.iso from a usb boot, and I've always like the simplicity of gparted, but how about a small calculator app?

P.S - I love the screen shot feature!


Re: [SOLVED] Calculator?

Is there a calculator that you would recommend?

With GParted Live we try to keep the image as small as reasonably possible.  This means we tend to prefer applications that have a small footprint (take up less space).  :-)


Re: [SOLVED] Calculator?

GParted Live 0.26.0-1 includes a GUI calculator (calcoo) and a command line calculator (bc).


Re: [SOLVED] Calculator?

Calculator also can be created on website.
  If some novelty are redundant,
        maybe built into plugins this will be good idea ?
  Then everyone can download the plugin which needs and also install from live-cd loaded from RAM.