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like in subject, some info before gparted will start do something, about how long it wil be doing this


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It would be very useful to at least have some kind of progress indicator when doing a Move/Resize. I kicked off a Move/Resize operation in GParted an hour ago and there is no indication of how much longer I will need to wait. Could it be minutes, days, weeks?

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Re: information, how long it will take

Hi any progress yet.. It is will be very usefull if it gets solved as early as possible


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A method to find out how many megabytes data were moved/copied to a target device is to call

iostat -m

(not included on the gparted cd). Iostat itself only reads out the values in /sys/block/sd[a-z]/sd[a-z][1-n]/stat.

You can find out the amount of moved data without iostat. Lets assume your target device is /dev/sda1.
You can enter "cat /sys/block/sda/sda1/stat" into the command line.
The 7th Integer is the number of sectors written to the device, if you divide this number by two your get the Kilobytes(Kibibytes) written to a new partition.(I assume one sector has 512bytes).

A short script do get the gigabytes written to the target device 'sda1' every ten seconds would be:

while true; do awk '{print $7*512/(1024*1024*1024)"GB"}' /sys/block/sda/sda1/stat; sleep 10; done

you can abort it with [ctrl] + [c]


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I'd like to add a vote for this.  The 'throbber' bar is just not useful.  I appreciate time prediction is problematic, but it would be useful to at least see how many steps need to be performed.  I imagine it would be possible to make the size of the steps at least approximate how complex that step is.
Its irritating and unnecessary to have to keep clicking on the details arrows to see what is being performed as gparted progresses.